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Prismatic Medallions Pattern different as you can see this pattern in the shape of a hexagon can be used for various applications in your work from making a table runner to even making a quilt or even taking small pieces of a hexagon and making applications by making a very large quilt.

Prismatic Medallions Pattern

Prismatic Medallions Pattern
Prismatic Medallions Pattern


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Susan Kephart designed this quilt for Robert Kaufman in two different styles and in four sizes ranging from 20″ x 23″ to 48″ x 57″. This stunning quilt was designed for solid fabrics but is equally eye-catching in prints. The rainbow colors add to its impact. We can easily imagine it made up in a coordinated color scheme creating a secondary overall design. The hexagon shape will be eye-catching in any combination of colors and fabrics.

Good seeing the pattern in a different way you can pay attention that not using composed by geometry in form of triangles the form of you to sew the fabric and wood to you must carry CRC the way you prefer the important advantage and this pattern can be made the size you want increasing or decreasing the pattern as in the pdf.

The PDF is very clear and you will have two versions to make this pattern very simple which the first version will be without sashing and the second version will be with sahing. Both versions are very simple to make, simplicity that even a very attentive beginner with sewing talent will be able to make without difficulty.

I particularly believe that this pattern can be considered for an expert if the person in question is going to increase or decrease to perhaps make an appliqué, because this pattern motivates us to use our creativity.

In the PDF you will also find well done drawings in the geometry correctly drawn and explained where each part connects. The same pattern gives us several ideas to use different types of fabrics.

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