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Quilt assemble patriotic picnic throw

Quilt assemble patriotic picnic throw, Summer is coming up and what better way to enjoy the nice weather than a picnic outdoors! If you want to get into the patriotic spirit for 4th of July celebrations, how about assembling a themed quilt with the colors of the American flag to bring to your picnic? In this post I’ll teach you step-by-step how to make this super charming red, white and blue quilt to have fun at your picnic.

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How to Quilt assemble patriotic picnic throw

To start, you’ll need the tutorial and template available on the All People Quilt website. There you can find the step-by-step with the exact measurements for each piece you’ll need to cut.

Quilt assemble patriotic picnic throw
Quilt assemble patriotic picnic throw

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The ideal fabrics are cotton prints in red, white and blue. You can make combinations of solids and polka dot, stripe and star prints to form the classic Americana look.

After cutting all the pieces following the template, it’s time to start assembling. The quilt is formed by brick patchwork blocks, so you’ll need to sew the pieces together two by two to form small brick blocks.

Pay attention to combining the fabrics, alternating colors and prints to form diagonals. After having all the brick blocks ready, you can start joining them in rows of three blocks.

Keep joining the rows until you have three columns with seven rows each. This will be the central body of your patriotic quilt.

Next, you’ll add the borders. Cut 8 cm strips in navy blue and start sewing around the entire quilt. Then, cut 8 cm strips in red and white and add them the same way, alternating with the blue border.

Lastly, it’s time to add the backing and finish your quilt. Cut a plain white fabric to use as the backing in the same size as the assembled quilt top.

Place the backing and quilt with the wrong sides together, sew around leaving an opening. Flip right side out, smooth out the backing and close the opening by hand.

Now just finish by stitching the edge with an overlock or zig zag stitch. Your patriotic picnic quilt is ready!

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You can complement it with matching pillows to decorate and make everything pretty for enjoying your scenic outdoor picnic!

Quilt assemble patriotic picnic throw with This red, white and blue quilt is perfect for getting into the 4th of July spirit and having a themed picnic with family and friends. Besides being charming, it’s a great way to refresh bed and couch covers with a patriotic touch. This pattern is designed by allpeoplequilt.com.

I hope you enjoyed the step-by-step! Leave a comment sharing which fabric you liked best for your quilt and how assembling this special project went.

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