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Rapture Quilt Pattern free

Rapture Quilt Pattern is free and you can download it freely, but this pattern is in vibrant colors, a colorful one that if placed in the right place in your home as a panel will be really interesting and sure to look wonderful. Ideas for placing or using this pattern? This project (quilt pattern) was developed by Adrienne Leban here at freespiritfabrics.com

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Rapture Quilt Pattern

Rapture Quilt Pattern
Rapture Quilt Pattern

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This free Rapture Quilt Pattern has actually several places we can use it like in the living room, dining room, visiting room or in the TV room and yes of course, we can’t forget that if in your house there is an entrance on the living room door that leads directly to a wall, and the visitor needs to turn right or left to enter your room, you can then put Rapture Quilt Pattern on that entrance wall, right in the center of the wall, and on each (left and right) put a potted plant (or vase) to give a more real look to the Rapture Quilt Pattern.

Rapture Quilt Pattern is executed using single tone blocks, neutral colors and a bit of contrasting color and let’s not forget the extremely colorful ones. This simple pattern creates a modern and elegant quilt.

This is a fairly simple pattern to make. Each block is made up of two patchwork stems, which intersect in the center. Simply cut two pieces of fabric of the same size, sew them together, and fold the seam allowance inward.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

Or as you can see in the picture use each block simple or compound with the stems in shades that match your taste. Remember that we can use many different types of colored fabrics, be they flowers, animal style, car style, movie characters, comic book heroes (kids love them), in short the possibilities end when your imagination runs out (in this case this is difficult, for us who love quilt, imagination is like the sun, it comes and goes, but never ends!

Did you like this wonderful pattern? Do you want to make it as soon as possible, to use in your home, to give as a gift, or to sell in your studio? Download the free PDF of the Rapture Quilt Pattern to start sewing your stylish and modern quilt today in the way and manner you want! To download this pattern enter your best email address in the field below and enjoy!

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