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Spoken Without a Word Pattern

Spoken Without a Word Pattern truth a name that may be strange to those who work with fabrics and sewing, after all we all give names to our patterns whether we recreate or invent them. The big question is: Winthout Spoken?

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Spoken Without a Word Pattern

Word pattern quilt is actually a beautiful pattern where the birds, the fruit, the flowers, the basket and the colors involved form a beautiful pattern that actually (I THINK) comes from the designer Dawn Licker the name Spoken Without a Word Pattern.

Spoken Without a Word Pattern
Spoken Without a Word Pattern by Robert Kaufman

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My impression is that the designer himself was so enchanted with the work (I confirm that I’m drooling here) that he couldn’t give the pattern a name or he purposely wanted to leave this name because it’s just as amazing.

So I ask you: What did you like most? the birds? the flowers? the basket? the colors, the fruits of the whole set? I’ll be honest, I loved it, and I already know where I’ll put this wonderful quilt when I’m done.

Actually it will be two because I want to put one in my living room and another on my bed as if it were just a central blanket on the bed to decorate, not to use, but to decorate…. is fantastic what this designer left us.

The rich colors of the fabrics used combined with background fabrics and those in the border show us that we can use fabrics of many different colors to make this beautiful pattern.

You can of course find and buy all the fabrics in the shop at https://www.robertkaufman.com/fabrics/show_all/ you will be delighted with the most varied fabrics and colors. We hope you have enjoyed this beautiful work of art robert kaufman free patterns spoken without a word and now comes the best part, you can download this pattern.

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    • Please, do not worry. It even happens that a download works or for a few moments. How everything is free depends on a few things. I hope you always come back. By the way here it shows that your pattern was sent.

  1. I Would like the pattern for Spoken Without a Word. Haven’t been able to download it. Love the pattern, would appreciate your help Thanks.

    • We are sorry that you don’t really receive this pattern as you should when you click the button. We discovered that the editor who made the pattern had put in the wrong PDF link. So we are fixing that problem by sending the pattern directly to you correctly, with no errors to download. I hope you enjoy the pattern, and again we are sorry for the delay in responding. Below is your pattern in PDF format. PLS SEE YOUR MAIN NEW TIME.


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