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Starry Log Cabin Quilt free

Starry Log Cabin Quilt is a really beautiful pattern that has a simple appearance but is actually a challenge for many of the times to make a combination with this pattern using stars! Log cabin is one of the most famous patterns for those who like to work with fabric can say that it is really easy to make it in the basic form But is it really easy to make it in the more advanced form?

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Starry Log Cabin Quilt

Starry Log Cabin Quilt
Starry Log Cabin Quilt – by jordanfabrics.com

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This pattern was developed by our dear Jordan, from jordanfabrics.com It is well said that this kind of log cab pattern can be made tens of thousands of shapes my cousin speak this way even because this is the kind of quilt pattern block that really makes all the difference when the professional uses his creativity fully.

You want beginner never forget something very important about sewing, that even more experienced in the area of sewing he will still learn something and that way never close your mind to such simple things or patterns that you may find much simpler than even drinking a glass of water.

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We will try to bring to you several other shapes with block of the log cabin pattern, but of course for sure most of the time this will not be an easy task but it is well said also that this is a very popular pattern and sometimes even when we don’t have so much inspiration to create something this pattern allows us to add with other blocks and make a perfect marriage when it comes to having the perfect work!

Starry Log Cabin Quilt can be made as a wall panel it can also be adapted as a beautiful table runner or table runner if you so choose, it can also be made as a wonderful quilt to put on our beds especially on very cold days, and not to mention that a beautiful quilt gives that comfortable feeling and more of a hugging feeling from those wonderful fabrics![et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

Something that calls my attention to this Starry Log Cabin Quilt pattern, well to tell you the truth about everything log cabin, is the amount of shapes and models that we can be doing with this sensational block. Well as you can notice in this pattern that we are presenting to you here, it shows how beautiful it can be.

I hope you have enjoyed this pattern you can watch the video below and subscribe to Jordan fabrics channel and of course watch the tutorial and of course download the pdf so you can enjoy one of the excellent and easy patterns to make in quilt.

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