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The Midnight Garden Quilt

The Midnight Garden Quilt designed by Jinny Beyer,  in rjrfabrics.com is available for free. (For accurate template size, all scaling should be turned “OFF” and the print/view magnification set to 100%.) The Midnight Garden quilt features softly shaded stars and intricate-looking but surprisingly easy-to-make medallions from the border print fabric. The diamond units are constructed from simple strip-sets.

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The Midnight Garden Quilt
The Midnight Garden Quilt

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The Midnight Garden Quilt

This Midnight Garden quilt flawlessly conveys the beauty and serenity of the night with its flowers and prints with textured looks all on blue, purple and other soothing colors. The pattern offers 2 colorway suggestions, a great guide when choosing your own fabrics. Similar textures, prints and colors will capture the mood just the same.

Clever use of Batiks create shaded effects, and they’re always fun to play with. Use blenders with a rapid increase from dark to light, bringing the star center to life. Imagine adding soft white diamonds creating a lustrous ‘moonlight’ !

They are one of those patterns so beautiful that honestly makes you want to make thousands of them in the most diverse colors without counting with a pattern that can be used on several special occasions and why not use now to see that if we approach the Christmas we can make a totally beautiful party?

There are patterns that we make because we think it is beautiful the way it is made, the combination with the colors, the combination with the prints, the size and also the occasion folklore is being made but this pattern it has every detail that draws our attention without wanting to do it.

Looking closely at every detail of this pattern you can observe that it looks as if it was made with stars or would be stars made with leaves without commenting the prints of the most perfect hour is not crazy you can have like a midnight garden so to speak really a wonderful design that Jinny Beyer created.

Besides this pattern made by her there are other very beautiful ones too that you should check something that caught a lot of attention is the issue of the fabrics that she has at her disposal are the most varied possible are as beautiful as for the most diverse 10 you have look here at this link: https://www.rjrfabrics.com

Did you like any of the fabrics that she has at her disposal the last collections of her or all collections is each one more beautiful than the other I recently met her site and honestly girls my reader friends is wonderful that has there already ordered some.

Don’t waste your time until this link so you can purchase the fabriques she has friendship again they are really wonderful Really each one more beautiful than the other I am parked or the varieties and beauties are to that has.

Proof of this is this pattern that we found and we bring to you, and I hope you enjoyed this article and you can leave the comment of what you found and of course do not forget to go to jinnybeyer.com to see the wonderful printed fabrics that she has.

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