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Tickseed Throw Pattern

Tickseed Throw Pattern is a wonderful pattern that changes even the way we sometimes think about making a certain pattern, for example, this pattern that changes the way we follow how to place diagonal fabrics combining the most varied types of fabrics. So let’s see a little more about this pattern?

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Tickseed Throw Pattern

The Tickseed Throw pattern actually has something that draws more attention than usual, this is because many of the times we like to combine colors even though we think we may not be able to do it the right way.

Tickseed Throw Pattern
Tickseed Throw Pattern

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Before we continue I want to make it clear that this pattern is not ours, but the designers of the blog and website liveartgalleryfabrics.com or known as AGF. This is where I buy 90% of my fabrics and I recommend you buy here at this link liveartgalleryfabrics.com/fabrics.

As a quilter and seamstress in general I really like to do the most diverse combinations of colors and fabrics and make in the case something that is really beautiful and different, so we will always test the novelties of the most different patterns.

Talking about this pattern we still have two very positive points, one of them is the one I like the most which is the marriage of colors that we can perform in this type of pattern, of course there are others that we can perform the same experiments, so how about doing this?

Well the fabrics that I’m going to use for this pattern will be colored, in fact they will be prints with hearts of the most diverse sizes, as for example, I really want the red prints to be with the hearts a little larger.

The fabrics that I will use are cotton of the same thickness being 100% cotton of course, I want it to be a very light blanket, but very warm, after all here where I’m living today at the time I’m writing this article we have a temperature of 08 degrees.

Already on the tips there is something I like to do that is clearly a crochet frill, a frill that will actually be in following colors, I know how to crochet, but not the best of the best so I’ll ask who I love most, my mother.

So let’s now give some tips on how to combine colors and how you should use them. Don’t worry about the way we’re going to do it, it will be important and you can even use it in your home decor if you wish. So, let’s go to the tips?

  • Do not combine large prints, especially of the same pattern. Example: two large floral prints
  • Chess is great with floral, when in doubt, combine with your base color: white, black, red, etc.
  • For stripes, use the same tip as for plaid.
  • Observe the colors that compose the fabric’s pattern. And, from there, use the colors that talk to each other to make the combinations.
  • Large florals look great with small florals.
  • When in doubt when choosing the lining of your piece, always have fabrics in shades of beige, they are wild cards in your projects.
  • Use points of light in very strong colored pieces, i.e., white and beige balance your color harmonization.
  • Composé is the mixing of prints, colors, and fabric patterns that create a main base.
  • Coordinated fabrics are combinations of fabrics that use a few different prints of the same color or vice versa.
  • Many fabric stores already sell the fabrics and their componsés, making it easy for you to make combinations.
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