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Blue Delft quilt is fully patterned in the McCall’s Quilting/America Loves Scrap Quilts Winter 2012/2013 issue shown below. Print (while supplies last) or instant digital download available for purchase at  Adapted from a Design by Cheryl Almgren Taylor.

Blue Delft quilt pattern

Blue Delft quilt pattern
Blue Delft quilt pattern by quiltingdaily.com


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Blue Delft quilt pattern is a sensational pattern, especially for those who like blue and white like me, I’m pretty sure this is a pattern to be made and decorate any part of your home.

This pattern brings a peace as good as we think it does. Particularly I haven’t made it yet, but it’s in the queue (if you only knew how many patterns I need to make… I’m about to go crazy) but let’s get back to the subject, besides the peace this pattern gives us it’s elegant. See this pattern peacock lap quilt.
Not always the free pattern we are making brings an inner calm as this one actually the combination of blue flowers with white comes from God, of course such an intelligent creator that when creating colors like this shows us how flowers can calm us down.
This pattern created by the designer as above, gives us the idea that this pattern also serves for a baby’s room for example. Have you ever thought how your child’s room would look like, or yours with this magnificent piece?
But you may ask, “can I do it with another color?” The answer is yes! Making a pattern that we show you here should not be done only in the colors you see. You can make this patchwork quilt garden.
Make it in the colors that you like, that your family likes, in the colors that your customers like, often the designer that the fabrics are cut from that form the pattern then, whether it’s a quilt, pillow or whatever, is what matters.
Well now that you already have an opinion of this pattern you can download it here on the following link quiltingdaily.com/quilt. If for some reason you can not download or access the link just click the button below.
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