Quilted Wall Hanging new standard that we are bringing to our site that for sure and smell your eyes of joy. Quite right we learned something very important about spirals, we learned that to make a beautiful spiral you need to have fabrics with beautiful colors. Now follow some interesting details on how to make a Quilted Wall Hanging.

Quilted Wall Hanging

Quilted Wall Hanging Free Pattern
Quilted Wall Hanging Free Pattern

Making any kind of Quilted Wall Hanging is very interesting because of the colors we can be using and apply it according to the design we can make in our sewing machine. Be careful that you always have when I find items for you that like to work with fabrics is understand that not all have powerful machines with high technology. This Patterns is from spotlightstores.com.

So always look for beautiful patterns from beginner to advanced is important to choose how and which to put on our site. There is a pattern made by a lady named Maria located in Peru. What is the impossible way to put it on our site?

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Because the blanket she makes, or the blankets she produces need four different machines, they are high-tech machines. I even tried to make the machines that I have here in my house, but it was impossible. After all, we need to test and try the experiments.

Quilted Wall Hanging Free Pattern
Quilted Wall Hanging Free Pattern

When we bring you some kind of quilt we do it first, and we put the original PDF’s of the site we picked it up on, that’s because changing an original PDF is unfeasible because anything out of the ordinary may not work, after all fabrics are in high value and our time cannot be wasted.

That’s why Quilted Wall Hanging is a very beautiful pattern tested and with the PDF’s you can make incredible, in fact there are infinite possibilities to work with fabric by making colored, monochromatic, bicolor spirals or according to your taste.

There are some ways to have a Quilted Wall Hanging like for example in addition to making spinal following the layout on the PDF’s you can put unique neutral colour fabric following the direction of the spiral, this will give you a feeling of separation which can bring your spiral more ideas.

Quilted Wall Hanging Free Pattern
Quilted Wall Hanging Free Pattern

A very important tip for the spiral bar ice is that always combine strong colours with weaker ones or weak colours with much stronger colours or dark colours with medium dark colours. Are you confused? Good answering your own question is: Use the creativity in the leaves that your eyes shine the brightest.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://www.spotlightstores.com/medias/quilted-wall-hanging-series-project.pdf?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb3R8NTI4NTg4fGFwcGxpY2F0aW9uL3BkZnxyb290L2g1Yy9oYzYvMTEwOTc5MzI4NTczNzQvcXVpbHRlZC13YWxsLWhhbmdpbmctc2VyaWVzLXByb2plY3QucGRmfGI3NWRmMzg4ZWIxMDVmOGI4Njk5N2QwMWFlOWJlMTAxYTQ1MGI5NmVlMWE4ZWNlZDE3OWRiNTkxMzQxNTZiZDg” ]

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