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Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt Along

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The Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt-Along designed by Karen Ackva of Easy Patchwork, it’s available for free. Is this pattern beautiful, do you agree? It has a simplicity in the color mixtures that are really amazing and I really like the dark blue with light blue and these colors are very interesting even for you to give to men who like to decorate office, truck or the work place.

Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt Along

Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt Along
Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt Along by

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Another beautiful advantage of this pattern free is that it gives a light touch of 2D very simple indeed, but you can of course add your own touch to enhance this beautiful quilt work even more. Of course you can’t limit yourself to the colors, but there are several other colors that you can combine, for example red with black and other colors of your choice.

See what the pattern’s author commented about this beautiful work:  “My quilt is completed and I totally love it! I was a little nervous by giving it away to a long arm quilter, but Birgit Schüller didn’t disappoint! She took the design and enhanced it beautifully by accentuating and creating a new design with her award winning quilting abilities. I am so honored to have one of my quilts quilted by her! I look forward to putting the Mosaic Jig Medallion quilt into exhibits so everyone can see just how beautiful it really is in person.”

I chose a dark gray organic cotton fleece for the back and a thin fleece for the batting – a comforter I give has to be easy to wash. It’s always a big “crawl on the floor” until it all gets right! Since the quilt is quite large (68″ x 68″, that’s 173 cm x 173 cm), I had to patch the back a bit.

And then I really looked forward to quilting, which has never happened to me before. With quilts of that size, I always found it a necessary evil. But here I had decided to quilt with rulers. I quickly discarded the curved ruler, but it looked great with the straight ruler. I didn’t want to quilt too much to keep the blanket soft.

I blocked off part of our dining table for the weekend, but my sewing table (which hits a wall in the back) was not designed for the quilt to slide over the quilting table, and the freestanding dining table was perfect for that.

So I want to do it the following way of course following these steps:

1- I want to quilt in different star shapes.
2- I want to quilt the straight lines around the outside.

I will be really happy if I can finish it at the end of this month, because it will be a week before my godmother’s wedding!

What about you? Will you make this beautiful quilt for a gift or just for yourself? Remember that the most important thing is to make the quilt according to your taste or the taste of the person who will receive the gift.

Meet the pattern!
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