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Quilt pattern One-Piece

Quilt pattern One-Piece this pattern is interesting and very beautiful was created by designer Mary Pepper and we found this wonderful pattern here on the web allpeoplequilt.com which I like very often some projects, but this one caught my attention.

Quilt pattern One-Piece by Mary Pepper

Quilt pattern One-Piece
Quilt pattern One-Piece – Designer: Mary Pepper – allpeoplequilt.com

Quilt pattern One-Piece has the most different colors I have ever seen. Particularly I had never seen patterns on fabrics in this way, alias in these colors and what caught my attention the most was the color combinations.

For about 30 minutes I stopped to look closely at this pattern and realized then that there was something very different, something that only the sum made sense. Look closely at the green and brown, what exactly do you see in the image of this comforter?

First I could notice that the patterns are plants, branches, twigs and leaves, agree? Second, the colors. The green color represents well what we said about the patterns being plants, branches, twigs, and leaves. The brown color represents the earth on which our patterns are “planted”.

Isn’t it nice and interesting when we see our patterns this way? I believe that the designer Mary Pepper must really like plants, the green of nature, and by the way she made the pattern, in this case the geometry, in her house there must be many plants and she must like to take care of her garden or the plants.

Now there are other meanings for the colors of this wonderful One-Piece Quilt pattern. Let’s see below what these colors can mean in our decoration or in our home. It will be a short trip, so let’s go!

Green is the color that represents nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money.

Quilt pattern One-Piece
Quilt pattern One-Piece – Designer: Mary Pepper – allpeoplequilt.com

Green has great healing power. It is the most restful color for the human eye; it can improve vision. Green suggests stability and endurance. Sometimes green denotes lack of experience; for example, a ‘novice’ is a beginner. In heraldry, green indicates growth and hope.

Green promotes a love of nature, and a love of family, friends, pets, and home. It is the color of the garden lover, the home lover, and the good host.
This is the color of balance and harmony. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great equalizer of emotions, creating a balance between the head and the heart.

Green is the color of prosperity and abundance, of finances and material wealth. It relates to the world of business, movable and immovable goods.
Meaning of the color brown

Brown is associated with nature, comfort and simplicity. It is also the color that connects us to what comes from the earth, bringing stability and confidence. However, brown can also indicate conservatism, old and outdated things, resulting in a color full of moralism. In Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese technique for harmonizing environments, brown is also the color of prosperity and material stability.

Physical and psychological effects of the color brown Because of all these characteristics, brown is the color that provokes the most effects of sobriety, maturity, responsibility, and security.

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_4]

However, the color is also a great ally when the intention is to promote comfort and a cozy and rustic atmosphere linked to nature. Perhaps this is the main reason why the color is so often used in rustic projects. It is also worth remembering that brown is the color of wood, the main material for this type of decoration.

Download the pattern now at allpeoplequilt.com or download it directly if for some reason you can’t. We hope you enjoyed this article and that you can make this pattern as soon as possible, either with these prints or with similar ones.

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Rainbow end Unicorn Cushions

Rainbow end Unicorn Cushions is a wonderful pattern that you really should make for your children, nephews, grandchildren or even to sell in your store if you have one and you know what’s best? You can easily make it by following the patterrn below and stay tuned soon we will bring more such beautiful cushions to you.

Rainbow end Unicorn Cushions free pattern


Rainbow And Unicorn Cushions we will now talk a little bit about these cushions that were sent to us by a reader of one of the facebook groups that we certainly could not miss.
She sent us the link and that by the way is the site of our beloved spotligthstores.com already speak in advance to access the fabrics and buy your favorite. I don’t gain anything by advertising the site here, but the more we buy the more ideas for fabrics they will have and this is an incentive for them and for us!

These two pillows are based as you may have noticed in the name of the article on this site on a rainbow and a unicorn with very soft and harmonious colors to be made. The detail of the fabric being white is to illustrate the unicorn’s fur, which is white.

If you want to replace the white with the black color then you can do that, after all, what really matters is to please the children or the customer, isn’t that right? Did you know that there is even a tradition concerning the unicorn?

The figure of the unicorn does not belong to any particular mythology, but was incorporated into the medieval European imagination and used to explain concepts of Christianity.
The unicorn is said to be a horse with a horn, which can be either spiral or flat, a goat’s goatee, and a split hoof. It would have a white or silver coat, and its legs would have smooth and abundant hair.

It would have a docile temperament and spend its days grazing quietly, without causing any harm to anyone. Its horns and hair would have healing properties and were coveted by hunters. However, as it would be an extremely fast and strong equine, its capture was practically impossible.

However, the only way to hunt it would be with the help of a virgin, because the unicorn was attracted to a creature as innocent as himself. Only in this way would the animal become easy prey for its captors.

– Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez (1946) created the song ‘Blue Unicorn’ whose lyrics are a lament for the disappearance of his blue unicorn. This can be interpreted in many ways as the loss of inspiration, love, and even the cap of a pen.

– In 2010, a movement entitled ‘seapunk’ took over social media and pop singers, influencing mass culture. The colorful unicorn aesthetic spread around the world inspiring artists, makeup, costumes and clothes, and of course pillows like these.

I can’t tell if these two wonderful pillows were inspired by the design, but I can say that for children and to brighten up the house they are wonderful! So here you have Rainbow end Unicorn Cushions Patterns.

But the rainbow pillow we know well what the rainbow represents to mankind and God, our God so kind and merciful, made the rainbow as the source of His wonderfully colorful promise! What are you waiting for?

Download the pattern at spotlightstores.com or directly the PDF Rainbow and Unicorn Cushions Patterns if for some reason you can’t make it in the first option. We hope you enjoyed this amazing article and these wonderful pillows.

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Five Fat Quarter Fun – Preppy Quilt Pattern

Five Fat Quarter Fun is a beautiful model that looks simple but very beautiful. If we think like experienced people in bedspreads, blankets, flaps at the time of creating our work this pattern here we will take it to heart. Well this one in particular is not our work of creation, but for sure it is wonderful and has its great placement inside ours, be it for the bedroom, living room, dad’s chair or even to enjoy a night full of stars with the person we love. So, shall we go to the article?

Five Fat Quarter Fun – Preppy Quilt Pattern

Five Fat Quarter Fun Preppy Quilt Pattern
Five Fat Quarter Fun Preppy Quilt Pattern

This pattern was created by Andy Knowlton and you can have more details of her work here on her website.

This month I was invited to be a part of the Five Fat Quarter Fun series with Amber & Amanda (Gigi’s Thimble & Jedi Craft Girl).  Boy, I tell you – it was a fun challenge to design a quilt using only five fat quarters plus a little yardage.  I went through a few different options but quickly settled on this Argyle inspired quilt, called Preppy!

This is one of those quilts that looks more complicated than it actually is!  And for those of you who haven’t tried making a quilt on point before this would be a great time to try it!
Preppy finishes at 50″ x 60″, and uses 5 fat quarters and some yardage for the sashing and background.

I love these Gingham Girls prints (designed by Amy Smart for Penny Rose Fabrics) and I’ve been looking for just the right project to use them in.  They were the perfect choice for this Preppy quilt.  And I added in the navy swiss dot (from Riley Blake) as well.

The quilting is a design called Diagonal Plaid which I thought worked great with all of the other diagonal lines in the quilt, and it also added some great texture!

If you make a Preppy quilt I’d love to see it!  Be sure to tag me (@abrightcorner) as well as Amber and Amanda (@gigisthimble @jedicraftgirl) and use the hashtags #preppyquilt and #fivefatquarterfun so we’ll be sure to see it! SEE ALSO: Quilt Bejeweled Free Pattern

They do a new pattern on the first of each month and it’s so fun to see what they come up with each month!  Have you made any of their 5 FQ Fun quilts?

Wonderful, isn’t it? The colors are so well assembled and beautiful when sewing the fabrics between you that it comes to look like a painting, or a drawing! Congratulations on this project’s publishers. And did you like it?

Just click the button above and you can then make this beautiful pattern just like I’m doing. I take this opportunity to ask you to comment, share this link to the article that helps us to always be better!

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Viola on point quilt pattern

Viola on point quilt is a beautiful pattern that we found and this one is actually already in production in our atelier that we honestly can not leave aside because it is so beautiful. So let’s talk a little about this pattern and how we found it!

Viola on point quilt pattern

Viola on point quilt is a pattern designed by spotlightstores.com and the fabrics of Kirsten Katz Viola, hence the name of the pattern, which by the way is very fair by this beautiful work.

Viola on point quilt pattern
Viola on point quilt pattern by spotlightstores.com

This pattern we can take much advantage of the beautiful colors that the prints of the fabrics used provide us with, something that marks a bit of peace, romanticism but at the same time a mixed personality between soft and romantic.

Here below I will give a tip for you on how to use colors and perhaps choose the prints in the colors and details that best suit your personality. Of course this is not 100% certain, after all I don’t know you who are reading this now, but I can deduce that if you really like this pattern you must be a soft or romantic person, maybe both.

The relationship between colors and personality can be understood in the following way: each color or hue produces an effect or a feeling in the mind. Therefore, a preference for a specific hue will behave like a personality type with tendencies to experience certain emotions.

An example: a person who prefers the color red probably has a tendency to be more passionate and aggressive. This is because the same color produces a neuronal activation and excitation effect in the brain.

It is important to comment that the way colors affect mood is modulated by each person’s experiences and upbringing. If from childhood you learn to associate a color with a certain feeling, it is very likely that you will feel the same way when you see the same hue throughout your life.

Could the Viola on point quilt pattern mess with your personality? Let’s look at it in a way that you can understand the colors and then decide which fabrics and their colors you will use or in the case, keep this wonder we present here.

Viola on point quilt pattern
Viola on point quilt pattern

Cool Colors

Cool tones like blue, light green and even white are colors that convey emotional well-being, calmness and tranquility. A person with a preference for wearing these shades can be one who, in her daily life is peaceful, organized, and patient.

Warm colors

Some flashier colors, like red, orange, or yellow, are related to more exciting sensations, with passion, energy, and joy. For the same reason, a person who likes to wear these colors in his daily life will certainly have a more extroverted, agitated and cheerful personality type.

Dull colors

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On the other hand, there are somber colors that convey sadness and even nostalgia. Shades closer to black, brown, or gray are related to sad personalities with a tendency to depression and to live locked in their inner world.

It should be noted that each person is unique, preferring one color or another does not completely determine personality. However, it can help you understand yourself a little more and make your Viola on point quilt wonderfully. Did you like today’s tips? Here you can get fabrics see in spotlightstores.com. Download the pattern spotlightstores.com or download directly if for some reason you can’t access it. Keep in mind that these fabrics you can find for a great price at spotilightores.[download_after_email id=”1773″]

Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern – Indigo

Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern this is a pattern that mixes very well the various shades of Blue. Do you like blue in your home decor? Do you like to use blue in your room, or in the things you like to do and have? Well then let us introduce to you the color Blue and this wonderful pattern.

Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern

Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern
Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern bay quiltingdigest.com

It is the favorite color of 45% of the people in the world, has 111 different shades named, and is associated with calmness, friendliness, harmony, and faithfulness. We are talking about BLUE, the most popular color in all civilizations.

Many positive aspects are attributed to blue. It symbolizes peace, spiritual fulfillment, tranquility, friendship, trust, fidelity, and integrity. This pattern is from quiltingdigest.com. The fabrich used are Indigo what are easy and beautifull to do lots quilts, pillows and other to your home.

It is also the color of all intellectual virtues: wisdom, intelligence, science, control, concentration, independence. It has the power to calm and relax people. It is related to purification, expelling negative energies, besides favoring kindness, patience, and serenity. It stimulates the search for inner truth, kindness, order, discipline. Incredible, isn’t it?

The colors you choose for your home totally influence the mood you find yourself in. Vibrant colors, for example, stimulate and refer to an agitated environment.
A darker shade of blue is a color that tends to make the environment more energetic, relaxing, and engaging, depending only on the shade chosen.

Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern
Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern by quiltingdigest.com

For a versatile environment with positive vibrations, bet on elegant and harmonious colors. With this in mind, we have prepared this content to talk about the different shades of blue and how they can contribute to your decoration.

The royal blue tone is generally pleasant. Because it is a tone accepted by most people, it is found in different environments and decoration accessories. In general, it has the ability to change the atmosphere of the environment, making it more peaceful, serene, and transmitting a sense of peace. On the other hand, royal blue also carries the stigma of being a cold color.

The color is always used in interior decoration. The main goal is to refer to the sea, in order to bring tranquility, peace, and high spirits to the place. As we saw in the previous topic, the contrast with white goes very well!

However, it is necessary to look for a combination with classic furniture, made of wood and in light tones. Look for objects such as magnets, stickers and custom labels, and the contrasting tones with blue, Indigo-Quilt-Instructions-high-res_2S so that they combine with the decoration in a pleasant way.

Now that you have an idea of blue and more reasons than before to make this pattern don’t waste time, choose your shade of blue to make this Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern that will make your home even more beautiful.

Download pattern Easy Quilt Rich Blues pattern  so is if for some reason you can’t get it, download the PDF directly here. Also a pattern that you can use in several other occasions with the for example the pinique that is a great occasion. [download_after_email id=”1848″ css=”off”]

Coats & Clark Clamshell Pillow

Coats & Clark Clamshell Pillow Cushions for sofas are a great way to quickly change the decor of the room, and they also provide more comfort to the room. In different sizes, colors, prints and shapes, sofa cushions can give the finishing touch that was missing in the decor of the living room.

Coats & Clark Clamshell Pillow

Coats & Clark Clamshell Pillow
Coats & Clark Clamshell Pillow

And if you want to know how to use sofa cushions in the right way, making your decoration more beautiful, personalized and cozy, just follow this post to the end and take note of all our tips, and get inspired by beautiful pictures. Check it out!

Are you thinking about revamping your living room decor, but have doubts about how to choose the best sofa cushions?  This pattern is here to help you Coats & Clark Clamshell Pillow so let’s look some more.

Choosing decorative pillows for sofa can be very easy, however, you need to think about what are the needs of this environment that the sofa cushions can meet, such as bringing a greater sense of comfort using large sofa cushions, put more color and personality in the decor of simple living room using decorative sofa cushions with more eye-catching colors and prints, among others.

The first thing you need to think about when making your cushions is their proportion to the room. Of course, large cushions for sofas are more comfortable and eye-catching and can even be used as pouffes when needed, but they don’t harmonize with every room, so be aware. Coats & Clark Clamshell Pillow is a standard from yarnspirations.com.

The size of the sofa cushions should be in accordance with the size of the backrest of the sofa, so if you have a larger sofa as a retractable sofa, for example, which has a high backrest, the large sofa cushions can be used more freely, if you have a smaller sofa, invest in smaller cushions.

Another tip is to invest in decorative pillows for sofa of varying sizes, this facilitates in time to customize the decor and you can invest both in models of large cushions for sofa as in smaller models.

So your Coats & Clark Clamshell Pillow should be according to your room if you want to use it for your sofa. So if you are going to follow PDF the pattern and are a beginner at sewing, be sure to match the size to what you want.

Thinking about the number of sofa cushions is also important, because if you overdo it and buy too many cushions the room can end up being a bit overloaded and even with a feeling of disorganization, especially if the room already has other decorative elements such as pictures, blankets and potted plants.

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So if you want to invest in several pillows in this pattern here Coats & Clark Clamshell Pillow for sofa, the tip is to make medium and small sizes to not pass the feeling of disorganization, already if you intend to invest in large cushions for sofa, the tip is to make a quantity that does not exceed half the sofa, leaving the environment much more harmonious.

Download the pattern here and we hope you enjoy the wonderful pattern that is beautiful and easy to make. So we hope you will be very happy and that you will comment here if you like it!

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Pathway Block pattern free

Pathway Block pattern is the kind of pattern that brought to my family great moments this kind of pattern, in fact this kind of block (not this one, but a 95% similar one) saved an aunt of mine literally from suicide, a sad moment that many times is occasioned by depression and by a strong anxiety attack sometimes.

Pathway Block pattern free

Pathway Block pattern
Pathway Block pattern

Pathway Block pattern not this one exactly, but a similar one, actually quite similar about 3 years ago was a kind of guardian angel of my aunt who went through problems due to depression, which in turn was acquired due to the death of her two children prematurely in Europe while they were on vacation.

I remember the day that a 59-year-old lady asked my aunt to make a quilt to be sent to Europe (I don’t remember the place) which according to the lady would be a gift for her grandchildren who were studying in that country.

My aunt, already depressed, actually quite depressed, according to her, was about to get into the bathtub and cut her two wrists, and at that very moment the lady knocked on the door and placed the order.

At that moment, according to my aunt, she stopped for two minutes without saying anything, took the bag and told the lady that this would be her last job with fabrics. The lady, not understanding anything, simply said that the model she wanted was already printed in color on paper inside the bag with some fabrics (so Pathway Block pattern lots ideas).

Pathway Block pattern
Pathway Block pattern

10 minutes later my aunt took the bag again and took it inside the atelier and with that went straight to look for the pattern already printed, the interesting thing came now: my aunt took the envelope that was the pattern, took it out of the bag and looked at it for 30 minutes.

Then my aunt got on the phone and called our mother and told her to go to her house urgently, I remember that it was about 10 pm and my mother who was always there for the family went immediately. What was the surprise?

My aunt was in the same position as she took the pattern, handed it to our mother and said: “look at this drawing, it is a pattern of a block to make a 70×70 quilt for two young people in Europe. My mother, not understanding, asked: “what’s different about it?

My aunt, who hadn’t laughed in a long time, told her to look carefully and there, right in the middle of the pattern, was an almost invisible verse from the Bible, to be exact Psalms 4:1 and 3. Our mother stood still for a while looking at it, thinking that it was something done on purpose, but in fact if we think about it, it was!

In fact, what saved my aunt was not the pattern itself, but what was in the middle of it, almost invisibly, and if you want to know what it says, I recommend that you read it, because even today I read it because of the inspiration that this verse of the Bible is.

I am not here to talk about the Bible, but to say that even through a pattern that we love so much, God helps us to understand that we are not alone. This pattern here? Well, it is not the same as the one my aunt received, but it is very similar.

This pattern was made by Art Gallery Quilts a good site that I like to buy materials for my quilts. I highly recommend you to check later the beautiful fabrics they have, they are beautiful.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_5]

In conclusion, my aunt made the pattern, meditated on what those two verses had represented to her, and after she finished, called the lady and thanked her for having been that night at her house. From then on my aunt turned into a different person, started living with a new perspective and today her faith is always strong and real.

Download pattern now so you can also have this inspiration, make this pattern remembering that no matter where and how, God will always help us to know and understand that we will never be alone if we trust and pray to Him.

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Baby Quilt Pattern

Baby Quilt Pattern to Make? Do you like this pattern? I actually liked it very much because of its simplicity and contrary to what many quilters say, simplicity makes the story!

Baby Quilt Pattern free

Baby Quilt Pattern free
Baby Quilt Pattern free by accuquilt.com

This particular quilt reminds me of the first time my mother taught me to sew… She used to say that often the best is in the simplest things!

So she on her old Elgin machine patiently began to sew fabric to fabric, part by part, and made a beautiful assemblage. I remember that the pattern of the fabric was of teddy bears and honey pots. How I miss my mother!

I remember that the fabric was blue, very similar to this one, and the stitching was like a high relief under the fabrics already sewn, my mother put the bottom of the blanket in a very dark blue color, with no pattern, just a single color.

On the edges she put a fabric printed with yellow (imitating honey) and light blue that gave a special touch, my mother was a sewing genius. I wish she were here to do her beautiful work and show it to you.

Well, enough of living in the past, let’s live the present for the future to be better, and with this talk more about the Baby Quilt Pattern free which is our highlight right? This pattern is from accuquilt.com.

– 36 -5″ charm squares
– ¾ yard sashing fabric
– 3⁄8 yard fabric for border
– 3⁄8 yard binding fabric
– 13⁄8 yard backing fabric
– Optional fabric for appliqué

Well those are the important steps in making your beautiful quilt pattern. The PDF is complete and very well intuitive and you will have no problem making your quilt to your liking.

Baby Quilt Pattern free
Baby Quilt Pattern free by accuquilt.com

The color blue represents angelic spirituality and symbolizes the element of water, i.e. pure emotion. It is a color that will soothe and calm the baby, remembering that the recommended color for this is to use white decorative objects or wallpaper.

Finally, it is important to make it clear that the colors and patterns for baby rooms can be different from the standard, as long as they match the style and personality that the parents dreamed for this special place. Don’t forget that a good decor is extremely relevant to the quality of life of the baby and the whole family!

Did you know that the color of the baby’s room can influence his sleep, appetite, how much he cries, and even his heartbeat? Many people don’t believe in the power of colors, but fast food chains choose red and yellow for their stores and logos. The reason? They stimulate hunger and anxiety.

Some studies on chromotherapy show that colors can have an effect on a person’s mood. The subject arouses even more interest when we talk about babies and children. For those who don’t know, color therapy has been used over the centuries to promote health, and to treat illnesses of the body and soul by using the vibration pattern of each color for healing.

The theory is that light is energy, and the phenomenon of color is a product of the interaction of this energy with matter, the human eye is sensitive to this electromagnetic radiation (light), and the frequencies emanated by colors are our “medicines”.

Download pattern or if you can not download directly here. Colors behave basically in three ways: they can be active, passive or neutral. Nothing prevents you from combining a range of colors to get better results, or even to not get “stuck” in the concept of the powers of colors and end up not meeting your taste.

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Happy Village Quilt Pattern

Happy Village Quilt Pattern is a very interesting and colorful pattern and also reminds me of shoofly by the style in which it is made. So let’s comment on this pattern, which I love to do.

Happy Village Quilt Pattern

Happy Village Quilt Pattern
Happy Village Quilt Pattern by accuquilt.com

I really think this pattern is good for those who are in the beginner to intermediate part and having this in mind we can make the pattern using various types of printed fabrics.

The fabric patterns are an important part of making your quilt either for home decoration or for personal use when you are resting, so here comes the question: what is your favorite pattern? What color or colors do you like best?

When I’m making a quilt for my house to be decorated the first thing I like to do is to choose the prints and the type of fabrics. In the case of this Happy Village Quilt Pattern we noticed that the designer chose the fabrics well-matched and for the sake of good taste.

Pay close attention now to the image above or below, you can see that the geometry of this quilt or Happy Village Quilt Pattern leads to 3 geometric designs. Can you identify them yet?

We have a large circumference, then we have triangles and of course the square. Have you noticed how wonderful this pattern is. My 9 year old son asked me to print it out on a large sheet of paper for him to play around with the designs and color them in.

Happy Village Quilt Pattern
Happy Village Quilt Pattern accuquilt.com

Now some technical details about this pattern that has its original design on accuquil.com and with design by Andover Fabrics with the total size of 60 “x60” I am making with size 90 “x90″ for my bed that is actually kind of big.

Celebrate your love of bold colors or neutrals by making your own version of this Happy Village Quilt. Do its crisp shapes remind you of falling snowflakes, spring flowers, or summer pinwheels? No matter what your take on this quilt is, it’s a breeze to make. Just download the pattern and GO! Using your favorite GO! Die Cutter makes cutting the shapes easy. The finished size is 60″ x 60”.

Fat Quarter Friendly Pattern! Fabrics are from the “Chroma” Collection by Alison Glass and are provided by Andover Fabrics.

Learn how to make the GO Qube 8″ Happy Village Quilt Pam from AccuQuilt is here to help us make the Qube 8″ Happy Village Quilt. Here she uses Andover Fabrics to really make this beautiful quilt stand out. See the video Happy Village Quilt Pattern now:

Happy Village Quilt Pattern is a wonderful pattern, and you can watch the video to understand more about how to do it without worry.

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Download pattern or if you find it difficult you can download it here directly. Watch the video to see how to make the pattern step by step if you are a beginner then let’s do it!

Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern

Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern this pattern is not ours but Design Tracey Russell’s site www.apqs.com is the first time I saw this site that was indicated by a friend in a facebook group. I hope that this pattern we found on this site is really of your taste. So let’s run to talk about this beautiful pattern.

Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern

Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern
Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern

Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern by Tracey Russell added two borders that nicely frame the blocks and provide another pop of color. As a longarm quilter, she knows how helpful it is to have outer borders that lay flat.

To help keep the quilt square and prevent the borders from waving, Tracey recommends cutting the outer border along the lengthwise grain of the fabric (parallel to the selvage.) It does mean you’ll need some extra fabric so that the border doesn’t have to be pieced. But if you’ve ever been disappointed by distorted or wavy borders on your quilt, you’ll find it’s well worth the extra yardage!

She used Fantastico thread by Superior Threads, along with Hobbs heirloom washable wool batting. The variegated thread sets off the fabric colors, and the extra loft the wool batting provides really makes the quilting pattern pop.

Now talking about the Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern from my point of view. I always like to give my opinion about the patterns I find on the internet or that some friend of mine makes, in this case until the fact of giving my opinion about this beautiful pattern I particularly almost didn’t know what to write, the reason?

Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern
Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern

I love the color blue and how it blends well with other colors, for example orange, yellow and white are wonderful colors that marry perfectly in any kind of pattern with the color blue.

Now we are going to give you some reasons why you should make this pattern and leave it at home, whether for personal use or to decorate the Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern:

1) It is the favorite color of 45% of people in the world, it has 111 different shades named, besides being associated with calm, sympathy, harmony and fidelity. We are talking about BLUE, the most popular color in all civilizations.

2) According to studies, the color blue is preferred by 45% of the people in the world. Only 1% of men and 2% of women do not like blue. It is the shade that causes the least aversion in most cultures;

3) Want to lose weight? Put your food on a blue plate. It suppresses the appetite;

4) Lobsters, crabs and octopuses have blue blood because they have hemocyanin, a copper-rich respiratory pigment that gives this hue;

5) Studies show that weightlifters bear more weight in blue gyms;

6) Blue calms, so people who have headaches may feel better after staring at the color;

Do you want more reasons to download Chunk It Up Free quilt pattern and make this pattern right now? Look closely at the two images of the pattern. Look at it for 2 minutes and then tell us what you felt. I did that and was very peaceful.

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Download pattern here apqs.com  or if you can’t Download here directly the PDF but don’t forget to make the pattern, a final tip is that this pattern has a high sales rate if you have a store.